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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 Textile Machinery Exhibition

26/09/2023 09:17 AM
From 19 to 23 November 2023, ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022, the largest and most professional international textile machinery exhibition in Asia, will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. CHTC Fong’s will present its latest textile dyeing and finishing equipment and innovative technologies at booth H5C07, with a total booth area of ​​504 m2.
We have been working hard for our dreams for 60 years. 60 years have passed since the foundation of CHTC Fong’s Group. In the past 60 years, the Group has gone through innumerous hardships, overcome countless obstacles, and has always been committed to promoting the textile dyeing and finishing industry to move forward in the direction of intelligence, digitalisation, and green environmental protection. In the future, the Group will continue to sharpen its tools and continue to build a well-known international brand of textile dyeing and finishing machinery.

Adhering to the motto of “Confidence, Synergy, Change, Accomplishment”, CHTC Fong’s Group will thoroughly display the latest textile dyeing and finishing equipment of the Group's brands of FONG’S , GOLLER and MONFNONGS at this exhibition, including: FONG’S SOFTWIN high temperature overflow dyeing machine and ECOWIN high-temperature synthetic fabric dyeing machine, GOLLER OXIDATOR MODUL high-efficiency washing box, and MONFONGS 888 TwinAir stenter frame range. In addition to textile dyeing and finishing equipment, the Group will also showcase the stainless-steel castings of Tycon Alloy at the exhibition.

Innovation drives development, technology leads the times. CHTC Fong's Group is fully committed to scientific and technological innovation, actively responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and innovates based on customer needs. The exhibition site will use three-dimensional simulation animation videos to comprehensively and vividly display the entire process, control details, central control system, and data inter-connection of the dyeing and finishing production lines, letting customers truly experience the efficient operation of the “one-stop” intelligent dyeing and finishing factory as if they were on site.


High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine

CHTC FONG’S SOFTWIN High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine is newly designed, the tension of fabric running path is reasonably controlled. It can perfectly solve the problems of color creases and edge curling and meet the specifications of finished fabrics. The unique design of inner plaiter and fabric chamber adapt to the smooth running of different kinds of fabrics. Besides, it has a larger loading capacity and low liquor ratio, saving energy and reducing consumption while improving efficiency, and it also provides simple design, easy operation, easy maintenance, and stable performance.

The major advantages are:

1.       High effective main pump design.

2.       Fix nozzle gap, standard ф140mm

3.       Smooth inner plaiter

4.       Manual VL variable loading regulator

5.       Individual internal stainless steel lifting roller

6.       Single service tank with direct steam heating

7.       Double fill and double drain

8.       Effective unloading device (patented design, patent number ZL201520998735.8 ) with plaiter

9.       Vertical heat exchanger

10.     Lint collector

11.     Working platform

12.     FC68 program controller



High Temperature Synthetic Fabric Dyeing Machine

CHTC FONG’S ECOWIN High Temperature Synthetic Fabric Dyeing Machine is newly designed which Knitted polyester fabrics, especially products with high spandex content, are more and more favored by consumers because of their high added value and excellent wearing performance. However, the dyeing process of this kind of fabric is difficult, and the surface of the fabric is sensitive, and it is easy to defect such as snagging, scratches, chicken claw marks, creases, etc., which puts forward

higher quality requirements for dyeing equipment, combined with strict environmental protection requirements. The hard indicators of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction have also become an important manifestation of equipment performance. The emergence of ECOWIN which effectively solve the above problems.

The major advantages are:

1.       High spray pressure & high fabric speed

2.       Single tube with double chamber design

3.       Unique nozzle & fabric delivery tube structure

4.       High precision mirror fabric chamber

5.       Torque control of Lifting roller

6.       Unique kier bottom

7.       First service tank (Standard feature)

8.       pH control (Optional feature)

9.       Automatic service door (Optional feature)

10.     Manual adjustable nozzle

11.     Automatic squeezing device (Optional feature)

12.     High efficiency unloading device

(Patented,patent number ZL201520998735.8)

13.     FC68 program controller



High-efficiency Washing Box

GOLLER is committed to continuous research and development of new open-width wet finishing machines to achieve energy-saving and sustainable production in the textile industry. Through years of research to identify the characteristics of various kinds of fabrics in the open-width wet treatment process, the R&D team has developed a series of new washing compartments to enhance the washing effect since 2016.

The new series of "OXIDATOR MODUL" washing compartment uses  a modular design that gives a high degree of flexibility for the interchangeability of modules with different functions within the compartment. Our customers can convert their "MODUL" washing compartment to another version according to the ever-changing quality and handling requirements of new fabrics. This extends the life of the machine and increases the value of the machine investment.

Since 2017, GOLLER has successively launched the models "SINTENSA MODUL" drum-type washing compartment and "EFFECTA MODUL" up-and-down drum-type washing compartment to not only reinforce the washing effect but also resolve many problems in various continuous wet processing.

In the upcoming TTMA ASIA, GOLLER will exhibit the latest model of the "OXIDATOR MODUL" washing compartment, which combine drum-type powerful spray cleaning and up and down rollers cleaning to achieve an excellent washing effect . According to the comparative test, the washing efficiency of one unit of OXIDATOR MODUL is almost equivalent to a conventional up and down roller washing compartment with a fabric content of 2 x 19 meters.

Key features:

1.       Interchangeable modular design

2.       Contains more fabric contents than conventional drum washers

3.       Multi-power spraying with adjustable spray angle

4.       High bath turnover rate for excellent washing efficiency

5.       Auto-cleaning filter and squeezer

6.       Automatic tension control

7.       Suitable for all kinds of woven fabrics

MONFONGS 888 TwinAir

Stenter Frame Range

MONFONGS 888 TwinAir Monfongs new Stenter Frame Range is used for reduced energy consumption and operation optimization.


*       Stenter Frame Range has been equipped with mechanism of "Thermat" and the speed of air circulation motor will be reduced once the fabric is unpinned from the inlet track.

•        Thermat: 1 sensor arranged at the fabric outlet opening of the chamber, reduction of exhaust to avoid excess incoming cold air.

•        When the photo-electric sensor at inlet track detects no fabric for a period, the circulation fan and exhaust fan will run at low speed.

*       New advanced squeezing roller can achieve lower pick-up reduce energy consumption and higher productivity.
*       The nozzle is using high graded galvanized metal sheet to ensure no damage to sensitive fabric, easy to clean.

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