Công ty TNHH XDD Textile (XDD TEXTILE)

XDD TEXTILE - True Vertical & Sustainability Mill

We are able to spin with our own factory.

Eg; Cotton Trust Protocol. Sustainability is one of our strength,
because our RO system is able to achieve 50%,
having overall 80% water recycling rate in this year, will be hit 100% before 2025.
We also have a own CLOSED LOOP system for some of the product,
only apply our denim waste with the similar product to maintain the quality. 

Vintage friendly
is our hero advantage to compare with the others mill,

our fabric quality can provide you an easy way to achieve the vintage / marble effect,
Because our factory machine is specially designed for Levi’s product.
Coming with a fantastic colors cast. In the meanwhile, we also allow to develop Shrink to fit items.

Địa chỉ: No. 1, Huu Nghi avenue, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, Tinh Phong Commune, Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Tel: 02553900900
Website: https://www.xdd-textile.com/