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Importance of Virtual Showrooms for Textile Businesses

06/06/2023 02:27 PM
Virtual showrooms, as the name shows, are online showrooms or exhibitions where suppliers showcase their products to the buyers without needing any physical store or location. But, why are these virtual showrooms important for textile businesses? Read this article to find out.

The Need for Virtual Showrooms

For textile businesses, knowing that their customers approve of their product is of utmost importance. You might think this is the case for every other business. And while that is true, it is more important when the industry is already facing an economic crisis. Textile businesses might give their everything to create a product that people simply do not buy. In short, in the textile industry, buyers have more power than suppliers.

Now, while it is important for textile businesses to get the approval of their customers, there has been a shortage of resources in the industry for quite some time, such as the global economic downturn, and the rising labour costs. Thus, there is a need for a solution to not only get useful insights regarding the buyer’s behaviour but also to optimise the sales process in an economical manner.

That is where virtual showrooms can help.

Benefits of Creating a Virtual Showroom for Your Business

There are some great benefits of creating a virtual showroom for your textile business, such as:

 Cost-savings on physical showroom maintenance
• Improved and convenient customer interaction

 Enhanced engagement between you and your potential buyers

 Ability to take shopping assistance to a whole new level

 Room for a variety of assortments

Choosing the right platform for your virtual showroom

Now that you have learned the importance of having a virtual showroom for your textile business, you might want to know where to start building one. The first thing you’ll surely need is an internet service for your business or home. For that, check Ziply for some of the fastest speeds and great plans. Once you are online, select a platform to build your virtual showroom. Here are some of the most popular virtual showroom platforms that can help you with that:

BrandLab 360

BrandLab 360 allows you to recreate a virtual showroom for your textile business with the help of VR and immersive technology. An unlimited number of buyers can interact with your business simultaneously on this platform, increasing the chances for sales.


If you are short of time yet want an immersive and impressive showroom, VeeSpaces is the way to go. This platform uses 3D immersive software with amazing management and control features that allow you to showcase your product at any time and to anyone around the globe.


NuORDER is a B2B virtual showroom that allows buyers and brands to collaborate with each other. It allows you to offer optimised and 360-degree imagery of your product catalogue, digitise your selling process, and customise appointments.

How Can Virtual Showrooms Help Generate more revenue

Virtual showrooms can help generate revenue for your textile business in a variety of ways. Not only is having a virtual showroom important but you also need to know how to use them for your good. Here are some ways to leverage these online platforms to their level best:

Tap on Customers’ Curiosity Nerve

To attract customers and invite them to your virtual showroom, you must do something that captures their attention. A great way to do this is by creating attractive videos and teasers that offer an overview of your business while leaving room for curiosity. Place links to your virtual showroom throughout the teaser to make a good impression in the minds of the viewers.

Host Tours for Your Buyers

To build a good reputation among your buyers, you need to showcase your brand by offering them a walkthrough of your virtual showroom. Introduce them with any specific information or product they might need to know about and leave an good impression on your buyers.

Promote Your Business Online
To engage your customers, you need to promote your business online through your website as well as on social media platforms. Let them know how amazing your brand is, and then naturally, invite them to your virtual showroom.

Source: Fiber2fashion

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