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Today, Tuesday, 16/08/2022

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PLM Prepares Manufacturers for the Post-Pandemic World

26/08/2021 03:44 PM
Manufacturers worldwide are recognizing that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) holds the key to efficient collaboration and faster customer responses as countries around the world face their own unique Covid-19 restrictions and struggles.

Facing restrictions in Vietnam

There are two major challenges that Vietnamese manufacturers are facing during the pandemic that must be addressed if they want to emerge successfully in the post-pandemic world.

1.        Vietnam sources the majority of its materials from other countries which has proved challenging due to ongoing travel restrictions. Sourcing must now be done virtually and managed carefully to cope with rising material costs and material shortages into account.

2.      Factories are operating with reduced manpower leading to low production and efficiency. Manufacturers must find a way to remotely manage as much of the pre-production process as possible.

As world vaccination efforts continue, the ‘new normal’ will eventually emerge and the manufacturers that successfully digitalized their business during or before the pandemic will lead the race.

Finding a solution for remote collaboration & agility

The savviest companies have already adopted Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to accelerate product development, reduce costs, increase market responsiveness and remain at the forefront of innovation.

Manufacturers including Fashion Garments 2, Hirdaramani, MAS Holdings, Brandix, Lever Style, Crystal Group and more are showing the industry that it can in fact keep pace with its customer’s demands through fast, agile and remote communication and collaboration with internal and external teams including sourcing, production, R&D, buying and suppliers. These businesses are using PLM to power their operations in place of spreadsheets, paper documents, in-person meetings and lengthy email chains.

“To stay competitive in these challenging times, companies need digital transformation technologies that drive innovation, streamline processes and reduce costs,” says Nick Wei, APAC Regional Sales Director, Centric Software.

PLM is the must-have backbone technology that drives all product-related activities from concept to retail for brands, retailers, original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). PLM technology drives growth in the global marketplace, streamlines operations, reduces costs and speeds time to market while boosting product innovation.

Centric PLM - The OEM/ODM industry’s PLM of choice

Centric Manufacturing PLM is a market-driven PLM solution developed using Silicon Valley expertise and innovation. It’s cloud-based, user-friendly, intuitive and configurable. The out-of-the-box solution has the fastest time to value and highest user adoption rate the industry.

“We knew the right PLM could provide a collaborative platform for product development teams. Centric Software is one hundred percent apparel-focused, with an impressive list of over 240 customers in the industry and dedicated research and development in fashion and apparel. This expertise helps Centric align with our business processes.”

Kaushala Prematilake, Senior General Manager – Enterprise Applications, Brandix

With Centric Manufacturing PLM in place, manufacturers gain greater visibility and control over the complex processes involved in creating and delivering products for external customers or other internal departments. Centric PLMTM makes it possible to track and manage product-related data in real time in a centralized digital location, collaborate effectively with brands and retailers, guarantee on-time delivery, enhance product innovation and easily manage BOMs and tech packs, giving manufacturers the edge they need to compete in a global marketplace.


Why Do Modern OEM/ODM Manufacturers and Brand-Owned Manufacturers Need PLM?

Challenge: Increasing compliance requirements, raw material costs and overheads drive up prices

How PLM helps: Keep production costs as low as possible while still producing high quality products

Challenge: Data errors in BOMs and tech packs cause costly mistakes and hold-ups

How PLM helps: Reduce errors due to wrong or incomplete information

Challenge: Inefficient internal collaboration reduces speed and margins

How PLM helps: Increase efficiency to reduce internal costs and time to market

Challenge: Users cannot find up-to-date product information when they need it

How PLM helps: Give users a unique environment where they can find all product related information

Challenge: Manufacturers manage complex data on many different products in development at once

How PLM helps: Simultaneously manage many different types of collections and unique products with varying complexity, quantities, timelines and budgetary criteria

Challenge: Delays and lack of transparency hurt manufacturers’ ability to collaborate effectively

How PLM helps: Improve team collaboration and improve decision making to enable dynamic, ‘quick-response’ scenarios, proactively manage risk, and improve decision-making

Prepare for the Future in the Face of Disruption

Learn how PLM empowers businesses to react to marketplace shifts in Centric Software’s eBook, available as a free download.

Centric Software’s PLM solutions are trusted by 450+ companies representing 2,000+ brands worldwide that design, manufacture and retail products ranging from luxury goods to furniture to jewelry. Centric works with high-profile customers such as Fashion Garments 2, Hirdaramani, MAS Holdings, Brandix, Lever Style, Crystal Group, Regina Miracle, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, PVH, Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo and Under Armour etc.

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