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Wrangler to cut water consumption in half by 2030

01/09/2020 10:13 AM

The denim brand, Wrangler has set new targets to decrease its water consumption in half by 2030. Kantoor Brands is shortly to work with the newly launched Transformers Foundation in order to strike a water balance study that will analyse the consumption across the company’s supply chain stage.
Tom Waldron, executive Vice President and global brand president of Wrangler stated that they have learnt from their past successes in water conservation and hope to expand their scope of efforts to be more impactful in their supply chain. He further stated that their water goal is ambitious and necessary. He believes that the new technologies and practices will empower the company to make progress and advance the industry forward towards water conservation measures.

The brand is focused on the fibre production, fabric construction and finishing process of the production as they account for 95% of water utilisation.
This focus took the spotlight once the company successfully conserved five billion litres of water through increased water efficiency, recycling and the adoption of innovative alternative technologies in April for the year.

At Wrangler's manufacturing unit in Torreon estimated about 85 percent of water is recycled through sequential batch reactors, micro-filtration and reverse osmosis. 

In 2019, Wrangler became the first denim brand to offer denim dyed with foam instead of water baths which removes water from the equation entirely.

The main challenge arose when the brand needed to combine these sustainable techniques across the board to drive significant water usage savings within the decade. 

Roian Atwood, senior director of global sustainable business at Wrangler stated that a renewable sustainable target creates an organisational focus that enables the company to create significant change through the conservation of water. He further added that as water was a shared resource its conservation becomes a shared responsibility. He believes that working with Roian Atwood, senior director of global sustainable business at Wrangler will help the company accelerate sustainability collaborations in the industry.

Andrew Olah, the founder of Kingpins and the Transformers denim event had launched the Transformation Foundation back in February after having witnessed the impact of the annual get-togethers.

At the organisation's launch Olah stated that it took them a long time to realise that the supply chain and the company had to bond together as their voices and data were transformative and that they could make change, demand change and create impact. He believes in the upcoming 5 years the company would have created a significant impact on many environmental issues.

With the framework in place, Wrangler is to undertake a water balance study identification and assess key impact areas. This needs to be done prior to taking action towards cutting down water consumption which the company has undertaken.

Source from YnFX
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