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Report on Cooperation activities with Korea Partner in 2017

08/02/2018 09:25 AM


A.  Introduction:

            VITAS and KITECH have a good cooperation relationship with the basis of the bilateral cooperation agreement signed on 7/12/2016 at the 7th meeting of the Vietnam-Korea Joint Committee in Seoul, Korea.

B. Main activities in 2017

1.  Organizing the Seminar “Smart manufacturing system for sustainable development of textile and garment industry” on July 13, 2017 with more than 200 participants from Vietnam and FDI enterprises. There are six leading experts in the field of textile and smart manufacturing from Korea to attend and teach directly. The main content helped textile enterprises take more initiative in the process of participating in the industrial revolution 4.0, such as smart dyeing systems, smart fabric management, functional materials, and special design 3D. Some models, 3D machines and textile products of enterprises were also introduced at the workshop. The workshop was highly appreciated by enterprises and received many requests to organize again in Ho Chi Minh City.

2.  Building “ASEAN Pavilion” of AFTEX at Preview in Seoul, Korea, from 26 to 31/8/2017: To strengthen the textile and garment supply chain between ASEAN - South Korea, VITAS and KITECH jointly set up the "ASEAN Pavilion" to introduce the textile and garment products of countries in the region. Furthermore, VITAS and KITECH also held various activities to visit technology centers, laboratories, introductory topics on intelligent design model of Korea to strengthen textile supply chain between ASEAN and Korea. The program received high praise from members of the ASEAN Textile Federation.

3.  Cooperating to carry out technology transfer activities for textile and garment enterprises in the Korea-Vietnam technology transfer: Following the success of the textile technology transfer program in 2016, KITECH experts continued to receive the registration for technology transfer in the field of textile and garment. Two Vietnamese garment companies were selected, with the focus on intelligent fashion design (with garment enterprises) and finishing dyeing techniques. KITECH experts came to the factory of the selected enterprises for specific consultancy.  The technology transfer period was from August to December 2017.

4.  Co-ordinating to organize business meeting with Korean enterprises, and strengthen the exchanges of textile and garment between Vietnam and Korea

KITECH and VITAS were active introducing opportunities for trade cooperation. VITAS sponsored 4 Korean FDI companies to attend free exhibitions at two of the world's largest textile and fashion fairs - the Sourcing at Magic, in Las Vegas, United States (2016) and the Apparel Sourcing in Paris, France (2017)

C. General Assessment and Request

1. VITAS and KITECH had very effective, active and full implementation, carried out all the contents of the MOU signed by 2 parties.

2.  VITAS and KITECH hoped to get more longterm support from the government and Ministries of 2 countries about the contents:

-    Organizing the seminar about smart fashion design and building smart factory meeting the requirements of industrial revolution 4.0

-    Organizing in-site training course of fashion design and production management.


A. Introduction:  VITAS and KOFOTI cooperated in advance with the basis of the bilateral cooperation agreement signed on 3/12/2014 at the 4th meeting of the Vietnam - Korea Joint Committee. However, the cooperation had a slowdown when the activities of two parties lacked connection.

B.  Main activities in 2017

1.  VITAS and KOFOTI cooperated with KITECH to have strong exchange activities in 2017. KOFOTI technical experts attended the workshop "Smart Manufacturing towards sustainable development in textile and garment industry" on 13/07/2017 in Hanoi, participated in exchange activities with Vietnam textile and garment enterprises.

2.  KOFOTI assisted KITECH and VITAS in setting up a booth of AFTEX at “Preview in Seoul” in Korea. KOFOTI President met the AFTEX Leaders during the Fair to promote ASEAN-Korea cooperation.

3.  On October 31 and November 2, 1977, KOFOTI, VITAS and the Federation of Korean Small and Medium Enterprises (KBIZ) held two sessions "Vietnam - Korea Textile Business Meeting 2017” in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, attracting more than 100 Vietnamese businesses to participate.

4.  From November 30th to December 2nd, KOFOTI organized a business meeting with Vietnamese enterprises in Seoul, Korea, with six Vietnamese businesses financed to attend the trade program.

5.  VITAS and KOFOTI participated in “Apprel Sourcing in Paris” in France in September 2017, enterprises of 2 parties had a lot of activities to know more about the products and cooperation opportunity.

C. General Assessment and Request

-    VITAS highly appreciated the cooperation and support of KOFOTI in the past year, hoping the two parties would strengthen cooperation through organizing more trade programs.


A. Introduction:

            Different from KITECH and KOFOTI, VITAS cooperated with KIAT "indirectly" through the KOREA-VIETNAM Training Program for Experts in Materials and Components Industry - Technical Course (Textile Field) from 2013. This program was managed by the Heavy Industry Department (now under the Department of Industry)

            Up to now, there are more than 100 staffs of textile and garment companies participate this training course.

B. Main activies in 2017

1. VITAS was assigned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to manage the delegation of 21 trainees from textile and garment enterprises to attend the training course from 21 August to 3 September 2018.

2. VITAS directly selected 02 enterprises and proposed to KITECH to support technique at the factory for two companies as TNG and Dong Xuan Knitting Company, the other one is chosen by KITECH. After the selection, KITECH experts came to work directly and had detailed technical instructions with the company. VITAS assigned staffs directly to follow up and support both experts and enterprises.

C.        General Assessment and Request:  The different was that VITAS was assigned by MOIT to directly participate in this program.

1.  VITAS directly selected the suitable participants.

2.  VITAS followed up and supported both experts and enterprises in the technology transfer program in the factories.

3.  Change Request:

-    VITAS highly appreciated KIAT’s longterm support for the past 6 years. Many staffs of VITAS and member companies participated in this training course and now hold many key positions in VITAS and their enterprises. 

-    The tranining programs in Korea: could be divided into 2 parts that 1 week in Korea and 1 week in Vietnam, so the enterprises could get more knowledge in Korea and apply in the practical conditions in Vietnam. Two week traning course was too long so that it was difficult to invite the leaders of enterprises to participate.

-   VITAS should follow up and support enterprises closely to get the highest result. This was the experience drawn from VITAS through this support. 


1.    Korea Chamber Of Commerce In Vietnam (KOCHAM) and Korea Trade – Invesment Promotion Agency (KOTRA):

-       Main activities were exchanges of investment policy, policy consultation, supporting export promotion.

-       Meetings in events and business forum. 

2.    Korea Fashion Association- KFA

-       Both VITAS and KFA were member of Asia Fashion Federation (AFF), participated in annual meetings held in member countries. In 2017, both parties attended in the Fashion Collection show in Hangzhou, China. In 2018, the program would be held in Korea

3.    Korea Value Association (KVA) and Jeonju University, Korea.

-       VITAS staffs and member enterprises participated in the training program on evaluating the business in Korea and had the exchange program in Vietnam

            Contact Information

Ms. Hoang Ngoc Anh

Deputy Secretary General cum Director of International Cooperation Department


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