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25/09/2023 03:06 PM
On May 19, 2023, in the jubilant atmosphere of the whole country celebrating the 133rd birthday of beloved Uncle Ho, near the temple with his Self-advice poem, R2E Ready to Export Season 2 in the North started on May 19, 2023, First study in Hanoi.

Nearly 100 attendants were selected from more than 400 businesses from connections of the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade-Vietrade, National OCOP Club, sponsored by the Dutch Business Association in Vietnam DBAV, accompanying with NGO-ASSIST, participating in classes, gradually connects to form the Supply chain of Food, Clothing, and Housing - the most essential needs of Humans.

Food and beverage group

Real Bean Coffee First Prize R2E Season 1, Silver Award "Roasted Coffee at Origin" in France AVPA 2021 for the 7th time, processed from purebred coffee varieties on red basalt soil meeting ISO 9001 standards, carrying the aspirations of the Checkered scarf Girl to sustainably develop the Vietnamese coffee brand.

Hoang Tra Group with special Tay Ho Lotus Hanoi and Ea H'Leo drip coffee from Dak Lak, rich in identity, bringing the identified Central Highlands growing region to the world. From the majestic Central Highlands, we go to the northern mountains with the Cloud Hunting Journey in a fairy tale space. Nghia Anh Suoi Giang with Lien Shan Cha- Shan Tuyet tea handcrafted from hundreds of years old tea in the primeval tropical forest, Chulienhomestay's Mong-English class in Suoi Giang, Van Chan, Yen Bai. People weave brocade, practice arts, restore ancient dances... or Hoa Binh Xanh with Nhu Y Ngoc Tea made from herbal ingredients of lotus tea, mint, ginseng... in Huu Nghi, Hoa Binh.

Cam Ta orange jam or fresh organic oranges, grown and processed in Khuoi Nieng, Dong Thanh, Bac Quang, Ha Giang is a thanks to the farmers who work hard to grow and create brands from young entrepreneurs- Red Star Award 2019. Loc Thuy Quynh with red dragon fruit, red dragon fruit noodles, asparagus with more than 93.7% female employees, helping them increase income, take care of themselves, family and community, contributing to gender equality. VS AGRO successfully exports to Korea with Cat Chu mango, Bac Giang Thieu lychee, Hung Yen longan, and will develop more products from Binh Phuoc cashew nut…

Karuna Eco-Bee: Karuna in Sanskrit means Compassion. In Thuong Xuan Thanh Hoa, social enterprise Karuna cooperates with people to nurture forests, save bees, and improve education in highland areas. From bees to dreams, Karuna is building a legacy of conservation, empowerment and awakening. Quantum honey– EZ- is honey raised in Dak Lak, cleaned to the molecular level with FDA-US Food and Drug Administration certification, Tasty Vietnam social enterprise promoting Vietnamese food and beverage export with products to serve passengers on Vietnam Airlines flights. Joy Vietnam from Viet Yen, Bac Giang supplies chains Soi Bien, Bac Tom... made from natural ingredients, using molasses instead of refined sugar, natural sea salt rich in minerals in Thai Thuy, Thai Binh …bringing traditional Vietnamese flavors to the world. And many other exporters such as TopfoodHighQuality Northern Export RiceMinh Khai or Lotus Rice, Agricultural Products of Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen, Dried green onions of Dong Van Karst Plateau-UNESCO Global Geopark

Group for conservation and development of medicinal herb areas

Vietnam's rich natural vegetation is a valuable source of medicinal herbs that are easy to find and easy to grow. Traditional medicine contributes greatly to modern medicine in repelling diseases and saving many lives. Medical tourism has opened up a way to exploit Vietnam's precious medicinal resources of more than 7,000 species.

Hibiso Perilla tea- Antotea, has arrived in Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada, Australia... won VKSE Startup Award in Korea in July 2023, exploiting the antibiotic properties of perilla, from Sapa Secret raw material area. Perilla is recommended to increase resistance to Covid 19. The ruby-colored tea is easily combined with Vietnamese dishes as well as with European menus.

Au Viet Spa and Yoga Trang vi Tea from purple velvet - Folium Ardisiae in Hoa Binh, where many herbal species live in forest populations. With ingredients that neutralize gastric juice and support the treatment of diseases of the stomach, colon, and duodenum, folium ardisiae are bred from native plants by the Organic Agriculture Cooperative Man Duc Tan Lac, Hoa Binh for a 3ha planting area under the bamboo forest canopy.

Tram Vien Minh: from Binh Dinh, Melaleuca to arid lands in Ha Tinh and flooded lands in Ninh Binh, an area of ​​more than 100 hectares meets USDA-US Department of Agriculture organic standards in 2020. Social enterprise with over 80% female workers, plant melaleuca trees to protect the living environment, hoping that future generations can enjoy this indigenous herbal medicine.

Fashion Group Mimi Fashion exports to Denmark, Japan...using safe materials from organic cotton, natural dyes from indigo leaves; Bubaby takes the lovely sound of mother call-“Bu” in the Northern Delta, achieves Oeko Tex 100 certificate, distributed in the Soc and Brother; Haki Fashion participates in Vietnam Goods Week in Japan 2023 or at Japan's largest retail chain Aeon... which is a very popular children's fashion.

Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association with products achieving Vietnam Value award, fabrics of Vietnamese origin taking advantage of preferential tariffs in EVFTA: Dong Xuan Knitting has exported fabrics to Japan for more than 30 years, Phong Phu with yarn, knitted fabrics, jeans, Mollis towel, Garco 10 for more than 70 years with men's, women's, children's wear brand Grusz, Cleopart... Chien Thang with Padu... We found opportunities to connect sustainable industrial development with agriculture from Fast Link Coffee grounds organic fabric to weave socks, lotus yarn, Bao Lan Green Yarn, organic yarn, recycled yarn to reduce waste, raise funds for Ca Mau reforestation, Viet Tien with high-quality eucalyptus fiber shirts... with Real Bean Coffee or linking with overseas Vietnamese, Miss Linh distributes products to the European market through the Netherlands Gateway…

Group for Construction, fine art, furniture

Utracon Infrastructure has a factory in Vietnam, exporting to Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Uganda, providing total solutions for industrial steel products such as scaffolding, lifting systems for construction projects; Bac Au Interior supplies customers in Europe such as Spain, gradually becoming a trusted address for thousands of customers…

Simple Deco is minimalist but diverse fashion styles have come to the Netherlands from Van Boi, Kim Bang, Ha Nam. From old car tires, the rubber is thinned and turned into beautiful wall-mounted flower pots... Happy Hands with the dream of restoring and developing the profession in the famous "land of clouds" with a history of more than 400 years of rattan and bamboo craft in Nhan Ly, Nam Phuong Tien, Chuong My, Hanoi for IKEA, Luckyclover, Sangyo systems... combined with artisans to create wood, bamboo, and straw products, protecting forest products. Ngoc Son Handicraft with the mission of bringing Vietnamese handicrafts around the world such as Japan, France, Bulgaria, America, Canada, Mexico... produced from environmentally friendly materials such as sedge, water hyacinth... from Hung Tien, Kim Son, Ninh Binh introduced IKEA furniture system... Safety Toy VISATO with 10 years of experience making safety toys for children, achieving international certification ASTM F963 or QCVN3:2009.

Group for Product/Service support

Hanoi Paper and Packaging specializes in producing carton packaging for exported agricultural products, carton shelves or special paper packaging such as ivory, kraft with more than 20 years of operation, Ngoc Hung Packaging has extensive experience exporting to the market internationally, willing to share regulatory information of the destination market. Tuan Huyen Third Prize R2E Season 1 with high quality food grade PE film, TUV certified, supplied to Japanese customers, halfway around the world to the Americas, air cushion rolls for agricultural products and household appliances, save space, easy to customize size.

Ngan Hakata–mentor on human resource development, business English or supporting training skills, Tiscovina Tien Dat specializes in providing business consulting services for many import-export enterprises, with special experience in the Japanese market. HQ Group to connect manufacturers of green, environmentally friendly and recycled products to international partners through product exhibitions and e-commerce platforms.

Class Trainers has experienced at Cambridge, Apple, Google, LVMH, Kanematsu... from N-Twyne Leadership, Better Work Asia, KisStartup or Sai Gon SIMEX have imparted a lot of knowledge, useful experience and spread their positive energy impact on participants.

Year of 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the Netherlands -the largest investor of the European Union in Vietnam, from traders who set foot on ancient land of Kinh Ky, Pho Hien, Hanoi- Amsterdam high school, to the textile dyeing wastewater treatment system sponsored by the Dutch Government, to EU-Vietnam projects...

The Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union EVFTA is a new generation FTA, built and nurtured through a process of negotiation efforts at the State level, an open road, but not paved with roses. Exporters need to proactively choose products they have strengths in to enjoy tax incentives and develop exports.

The domestic market with a scale of 100 million people is the first test, when foreign businesses speed up exploiting the Vietnamese market to take advantage of preferential tariffs in FTAs ​​with Vietnam. Knowledge about customers, markets, financial analysis or foreign trade techniques with the "Multiplication Table" on Incoterm 2020 is indispensable luggage- safety shields for exporters in their journey to expand their business to the Ocean. 

We have become teammates, sharing knowledge and valuable lessons learned. With a fulcrum behind us, looking towards a bright future, we are conveying a strong message: "Good morning, beautiful Kingdom - The wonderland of Tulips, We, Vietnamese exporters, are ready!".

Closing of R2E Training Class Season 2 in Hanoi 
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