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Today, Monday, 05/12/2022

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PT. Sumbiri establishes international time and cost benchmarks and boosts productivity by 13% with GSDCost

02/08/2022 10:30 AM
PT. Sumbiri (PT. SUMBER BINTANG REJEKI),located in Indonesia started its journey as a warpknitting factory in 1973 and started manufacturinggarments in 1985.
Currently PT. Sumbiri employs over 6,000 workersin 3 factories in Indonesia, Myanmar and Ethiopiaand is one of the biggest lingerie manufacturers inthe world, with a monthly production capacity of 2,000,000 pcs.

In the absence of standardised and optimisedmanufacturing methods, PT Sumbiri were facedwith significant variation in the time taken toproduce garments, between operators, and acrosslines and factories. This variability in method andtime resulted in lost efficiency, variation in thequality due to increased defects, and madeaccurate production planning a real challenge.

Without a scientific approach to standardisingmanufacturing methods, it was a tough task toestablish an accurate standard time for theproduction of any given style. Prior to theimplementation of GSDCost in the factory,PT. Sumbiri relied on traditional and manualmethod-time measurement which was timeconsuming and resulted in unreliable andsubjective estimates. As a result, PT. Sumbiriwere having to make business critical decisionsbased on inaccurate and unreliable data, affecting production capacity, line balancing,efficiency, product costing, delivery commitmentsand ultimately business profitability.

The introduction of GSDCost allowed PT. Sumbirito create accurate method standard for productionto help them establish and optimise internationalstandard time benchmarks and accurate SMVs,providing the foundation to optimise processes,driving increased efficiency and productivity.

The standard motion codes and pre-determinedtimes used in the manufacturing resulted inincreased efficiency through better line balancing,capacity planning and improved quality.Furthermore, GSDCost also proved to be aneffective tool for PT. Sumbiri to arrive at fact-basedand optimal garment costing, eliminating thesubjectivity in the process and the chances ofover/under costing.

The core style chosen for analysis by theGSDCost team at PT. Sumbiri was thewomenswear medium rise brief, which led thefoundation of the GSD database for the factory.A total of 12 operations used in the production ofthe garment were analysed. It was found thatthere was a large difference between theperceived values and the real standard times foreach operation.

GSDCost helped us to boost and align ourefficiency globally. We can now use moreaccurate information in our business,improving our sewing method andstandardising the sewing process. Thishelped us to achieve significant productivityimprovements.Rudyard Dela Cruz, General Manager,PT. Sumber Bintang Rejeki.

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PT. Sumbiri establishes international time and cost benchmarks and boosts productivity by 13% with GSDCost Rating: 5 out of 10 1861.
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