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Forging ahead with innovation

25/05/2023 09:26 AM
ITMA 2023, the world’s largest international textile machinery exhibition, will be held at the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition centre, Milan, Italy from 8 June to 14 June 2023. CHTC Fong’s Group will present the Group’s latest dyeing and finishing equipment and intelligent dyeing and finishing solutions at Hall H18, Booth B106 with a total area of 700 m2.

With the belief of "Confidence, Synergy, Change, Accomplishment", CHTC Fong’s has penetrated into the market to understand the needs of customers and realise the changes in the market development. We will proudly launch the latest research and development achievements at this Exhibition to facilitate the development of the dyeing and finishing industry towards green manufacturing, environmental protection, carbon reduction and pollution reduction! The Group is going to display brands including Fong’s, THEN, Goller, Monforts Fong’s, Monforts and Xorella, and machines including FONG’S AIMWIN High Temperature Intelligent Package Dyeing Machine, THEN TSF High Temperature Dyeing Machine, GOLLER OXIDATOR MODUL Washing Unit for Woven & Knitted Fabric, MONFORTS FONG’S MONFONGS 888 TWINAIR and MONFORT Montex®Coat coating unit.

CHTC Fong’s Group will introduce our smart manufacturing and green innovation to global visitors, showcasing our latest research and development achievements and design and manufacturing concepts. In addition to physical display of our latest products, we will show CHTC Fong’s one-stop dyeing and finishing line at the booth through VR technology, allowing participants to have a comprehensive view of the pre-dyeing, dyeing and post-dyeing finishing of fabrics as well as the automated intelligent equipment of our dyeing plant. 

AIMWIN High Temperature Smart Package Dyeing Machine


Fong's new intelligent AI Package Dyeing Machine AIMWIN is equipped with the latest technology of CHTC Fong's Group: IFD (Intelligent Fluid Dynamics) system. This system has advanced technologies such as High-Efficiency Control, Health Index, Auto-Pilot, etc., which can bring a totally new technology experience to our customers.

AIMWIN has a wide range of commonality, such as the interchangeable carrier with the company's flagship product ALLWIN. This has a significant effect on improving the dyeing quality, shortening the dyeing process time, and reducing energy consumption. The major advantages are:

1.       Apply IFD (Intelligent Fluid Dynamic) control technology to realize AI control, self-learning and autonomous judgment of operation parameters ability.

2.       Real-time monitoring of water, electricity, and steam consumption

3.       Reduced processing time, electricity, steam consumption and enhance productivity.

4.       Enhance dyeing quality.

5.       Auto-Pilot realizes auto-guided operation.

6.       The mobile phone Apps assists the supervisor of the dyeing factory to remotely oversee the operation status, alarm and monitor the operation of multiple machines.

7.       The Health Index of the dyeing machine can improve the success rate of the dyeing and reduce the chance of equipment downtime and maintenance.

8.       Simplified piping network and electrical wiring for easy maintenance.



– Hydraulic High Temperature Dyeing Machine


With the long experience and expertise of THEN in the range of hydraulic Jet Dyeing machines THEN SMARTFLOW is designed to achieve the lowest possible energy and water consumption rates available on the market for jet dyeing.

THEN SMARTFLOW was launched in 2019 and has since been perfected with significant improvements that are sure to attract interest from our customers and prospective customers.

Characteristics and Features of the machine:

-        Programmable variable chamber capacity in terms of weight and fabric

-        20% less floor space/ up to 6 chambers

-        Lowest liquor ratio and water consumption in jet-dyeing starting with 1:3,3 depending on fabric and weight

-        Smart fabric loading system without loading rope

-        Optimized plaiting with circular plaiter

-        Round shape nozzles

-        Time saving bath preparation unit with various functions:

-        - Bath preparation/Filling

-        - Dosing function for dyes and chemicals

-        - Salt dissolving function

Advantages of the machine:

-        The variable chamber capacity allowing extremely flexible processing

-        The newly designed nozzles and reel-less fabric transport provide

even fabric treatment

-        Lowest tension due to short distance between package and nozzle

-        Up to 30% less power consumption

-        automated nozzle gap adjustment

-        automated plaiting system

-        automated variable chamber adjustment

-        versatile rinsing functions for shortest efficient rinsing



Goller is committed to continuous research and development of new machines for utility saving and sustainable production in the textile industry. After years of studying the running behavior of different fabrics during open-width wet processes, the technical design team has been re-engineering all washing compartments since 2016.

The new series “MODUL” uses a modular design that gives high flexibility for interchanging