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Today, Friday, 12/08/2022

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Invitation to participate in the National Program on Trade Promotion – Magic Show Fair in August 2022

24/04/2022 04:10 PM

Implementing the National Program on Trade Promotion approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade in Decision No. 2926/QD-BCT dated December 24th, 2021, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) will organize a delegation Attendance at Magic Show 2022 in combination with survey and trade promotion in the US market, with the following specific contents:

1. Objectives: Searching for customers and developing foreign markets, establishing stable and long-term trading and cooperation relationships with major customers in the world's largest textile and apparel consumption market - the USA. This is a major US trade fair on textiles and garments held twice a year in Las Vegas, with the participation of a large number of importers and retailers from the US and other countries around the world. Enterprises participating in this fair will have the opportunity to exchange and cooperate with major US importers and retailers of textiles and garments, other garment manufacturers in the region and on the world market. world, material suppliers and fashion designers in the world and the United States.

2. Scale: manyparticipating units is expected around 14 to 20 enterprises

3. Time: From 7th to 10th August 2022

4. Location: Las Vegas, USA

5. Category: Textile – Garment – ​​Fashion – Fashion Materials

6. Participants: Enterprises dealing in related goods, legally established under Vietnamese law, with priority given to businesses that are members of VITAS, small and medium enterprises.

7. Criteria for selecting participating enterprises: Enterprises registering to participate will be evaluated and selected by the Organizing Committee based on the following criteria:

(1) Enterprises have the capacity to do export goods, FOB goods

(2) Professional capacity and foreign language (English) of personnel participating in the program.

8. Program of 2022 Fair – new points compared to previous years:

(1) After 2 years of being unable to attend due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2022 marks the return of Vietnam to the US market. At Magic Show 2022, Vietnam will have 14 booths displaying goods. Magic 2022 is expected with a large scale, which will bring businesses more opportunities to exchange and do business with large US importers and retailers of textiles and garments, garment manufacturers. On the other hand, material suppliers and fashion designers in the region and around the world.

(2) Businesses participating in the booth directly will be able to participate in a free virtual fair booth Sourcing at MAGIC ONLINE from August 1st to October 1st, 2022 (valued at $1,995).

9. Cost:

- The State supports the cost of booth rental, businesses contribute a part of the cost of decorating the general booth.

- Expenses for enterprises have to pay when participating in the program: 100% of other expenses such as immigration, meals, accommodation, travel, travel; 100% of costs related to sending goods, fees for using services at the fair such as service fees for renting more equipment, cleaning, etc. (incurred at the fair, if any).

10. Requirements for application documents to participate in the program:

(1) Business registration certificate (copy of the original with the company seal)

(2) Application for participation in the Program (according to organizer's form)

(3) Decide to send personnel to participate in the program of the enterprise.

(4) Brochure/catalogue of the business (in English)

(5) A copy of the valid passport of the participant with 2 5x5cm photos of the participant.

11. Deadline for registration: before April 30th 2022, interested parties send resumes to:

Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association.
Address: 15th Floor, C1 Thanh Cong Building, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
Contact person: Mrs. Nga/
Tel: 84-24-39361167/ 0978738868/

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