Công ty TNHH Hansae Việt Nam

Manufacturing knitted and woven garments for export to the USA. Hansae Vietnam Co., Ltd.,was established in 2001. We will make a contribution to the development of the economy and distribute benefits among the people in Vietnam. Furthermore, we're able to accomplish the best quality production with the Vietnamese people under mutual cooperation.

Hansae Vietnam has achieved remarkable and constant growth by successful development of 
business relations with diverse and valuable customers including 
many major US retailers.

With a mission of continuous improvement for product quality, Hansae has provided its customers with upfront information for seasonal fashion trends in materials & styling from its 
professional design & development team
 as one of its customer service programs.

Hansae Vietnam is aiming to be the ultimate leader in the apparel manufacturing & trading business around the world. The mission of the company includes proactive leading of the changes needed for the best customer service with continuous investment to the people and facilities of Vietnam.